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Trinity Sling's Improved Gangline™ Regular Duty Temporary Iron Restraints Introduced at Permian Basin International Oil Show

Posted on October 20, 2016

Trinity Sling, inventors of the patented Gangline™ Pipe Restraint System used for oil field safety, announced that new performance enhancements have been engineered into their Regular Duty (RD) Gangline™ System. The product improvements will be unveiled at the upcoming Permian Basin International Oil Show (PBIOS) in Midland, Texas October 18 – 20, 2016. The improved Gangline™ Regular Duty system does not have shackles. It is lighter, installs faster, has a positive locking features fewer pieces.

This different, All-in-One design results in the Gangline™ system being the easiest and fastest restraint system to install and the easiest restraint system to train. It is also the lightest weight restraint system in the oil and gas well servicing, pressure pumping, manual is provided, and on-site training is available. New tags are not required. For customers who are using the original Regular Duty shackle system, the original product remains available for sale or rental.

Gangline™ is a natural, smart choice for operators in oilfield and fracing, where time is money and safety is paramount. Original and Improved RD Gangline™ and HD Gangline™ all meet applicable safety requirements for OSHA, Canada OHS, and Worksafe BC. When it’s got to happen fast, money is tight, and the safety restraint needs to perform under the toughest of conditions, smart operators choose Gangline™.

For customers purchasing both improved Gangline™ RD systems and original Heavy Duty (HD) systems, Trinity Sling provides
installation training for both systems at a minimal cost.

Trinity Sling makes it fast, easy and affordable to integrate the Gangline™ Regular Duty and Heavy Duty systems into oilfield safety operations, whether through rental or purchase. The company's ready-to-ship rental program fits the business needs of many drilling operators, and the systems are available for purchase, as well. 

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