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Maxim Crane Sets Massive Generator in Florida

Posted on October 14, 2016

Last month the team at Maxim Crane Works unloaded nearly 300,000 lbs. in Florida using a , 550-ton Hydraulic Crane. They were engaged to transport and unload a massive Wartsila generator that was shipped overseas to Gainesville, Florida and then driven to its final destination in Northern Florida. The team planned the project from start to finish. To transport the heavy weighted generator, it was placed on a Maxim Goldhofer THP 12 Line trailer and tied down with steel cables for its journey across Florida.

One of the challenges their team encountered was the minimal clearance available to place the generator in the building. Additionally, the property grade presented challenges for unloading and placement due to the size and weight of the generator. These challenges were met by the Maxim Crane team with the decision to offload the unit using the Grove GMK 7550 550-ton hydraulic crane, then slide the unit into positon with a combination of air skates and rollers. With the tight clearance space, the Maxim team was unable to solely use rollers to move the generator into the building. Temporary flooring was needed in order to safely and effectively move the generator into place. Air skates were then place on the temporary flooring laid specifically for this project. The Maxim team was able to meet the challenges that were presented during this project and complete a safe and efficient move of the Wartsila Generator unit.

Maxim continues to serve customers with extraordinary solutions for big projects like these. In addition, they offer services providing transportation solutions, engineering, rigging and management of crane operations and rentals. As the largest crane and equipment company since 1998, Maxim Crane boasts one of the largest modern fleets of mobile cranes in the world and remains committed to improving and growing through exceeding the needs of our customers.  Learn more at their website.