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Green Pin ROV Release Polar Shackles with locking clamp

Posted on September 25, 2015

Van Beest has expanded their range of Green Pin® ROV Release shackles with the introduction of several new sizes. The complete range from WLL 6.5 up to and including 150 t can be supplied directly from stock ! Shackles with WLL 200 and 250 t are available on request.

Green Pin® ROV shackles with locking clamps are designed for under water use in harsh conditions. The unique design, developed in close cooperation with the end users of this type of products, makes them easy to manipulate by a robot.

Please find herewith the latest Van Beest product information including details of these new sizes. For more information please contact

  • Material: bow and pin alloy steel, Grade 8, quenched and tempered 

  • Safety Factor:  MBL equals 6 x WLL, for shackles with WLL 120 t and up the MBL equals 5x WLL

  • Finish: body painted white, pin painted green

  • Temperature Range: -40 ̊C up to +200 ̊C

  • Certificates: at no extra charges this product can be supplied with a works certificate,  3.1 material certificate, manufacturer test certificate and/or EC Declaration of Conformity.

  • Note: it is up to the user to attach the locking clamp with wire ropes etc. and attaching loops or monkey's fists. Van Beest supplies the shackle body, the shackle pin and locking clamp with spring pin.