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Rapid Ready Lift Beam & Pipe Grabs Combination Lifter from TANDEMLOC

Posted on January 19, 2015

The management, re-warehousing and changing of lifting pipes can be a challenge.  Handling the pipe can also become a significant effort as the pipe size becomes larger, longer, and/or heavier.  

In TANDEMLOC's continuing efforts to help customers move the pipe around to assemble and reconfigure their spreader beam systems, TANDEMLOC now offers a combination of a Rapid Ready Lift Beam (custom made to customer requirements, proof-tested and delivered in five to seven work days), and a matching pair of AN13 series Pipe Grabs, sized specifically for the pipe to be moved, as well as a stock item.  This combination lifter’s principal purpose is to increase stability for the longer lengths of pipe but also increases the capacity over lifting with a centrally mounted single pipe grab.  These appropriately sized pairs of Pipe Grabs, a stocked item, are also available for customers who already possess a TANDEMLOC Rapid Ready Lift Beam.  End Cap system customers can also use NPS pipe to build their own Spreader Beams.

Combination Lifters can be created at any length between eight and 20 feet and can be built to handle pipe lengths up to fifty feet.  Tandemloc also offers other attachments, such as custom roll hooks or custom lifting tongs, to create a Combination Beam variation.  TANDEMLOC continues to push ahead in the development of new products associated with Below-the-Hook lifting, all of which are available for direct purchase and all of which are proof-tested prior to shipment.  Visit for more information.