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SC&RA Vice President Doug Ball Retires

Posted on April 2, 2014

SC&RA recognized Doug Ball for over 13 years of dedicated service as the association’s Vice President, Transportation, at a special presentation and reception during the first day of the Specialized Transportation Symposium, March 19-21, in Houston, Texas. He officially retires March 28.

Before joining SC&RA, Ball co-owned a security consulting firm outside of Washington, D.C., following a long, distinguished career as an FBI agent and service as a U.S. Army Company Commander in Europe and Viet Nam. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Montana and a Master of Science degree from California Lutheran University.

“With the help and support of many of you, Doug has advanced our agenda on a host of transportation and permitting issues—from increased limits on tridems and trunnions to increased nighttime and weekend travel allowances to increased 46,000-ound tandem weight limits in more and more states to better port access and egress for our members,” said  SC&RA Executive Vice President Joel Dandrea. “The reality is Doug has made hundreds of presentations and actively participated in meeting after meeting during his time at SC&RA. His progress has aligned quite well with our mission of advocating, educating and working to improve the safety, efficiency and profitability of our industry.”

SC&RA Transportation Group Chair Geary Buchanan, Buchanan Hauling and Rigging, said he and his wife Becky remember meeting Ball at the first Annual Conference they attended. “He made us feel very comfortable and was helpful in introducing us to others,” he said.

Buchanan noted that he since has come to regard him as a man of his word who tenaciously sticks to a task until it is accomplished. “He impressed upon all of us that government moves slowly toward change,” he said. “That was very important to know so we did not become discouraged.”

Trevor Pease, President & Publisher, KHL Group Americas LLC, praised Ball for his determination to encourage Transportation Group members to submit information to American Cranes & Transport. “He helped increase non-lifting editorial considerably to around 40 percent of our magazine,” he said.

Like Dandrea, he also thanked Janet, Ball’s wife, for her support of the industry and the association. SC&RA President Ron Montgomery, Intermountain Rigging & Heavy Haul, and Truck Permit Policy Committee Chair Paul Ross, Keen Transport, Inc., also presented comments as Ball’s friends and colleagues.