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Non-slip Pads From Nylacast

Posted on December 10, 2013

2011100_Nylacast_BigfootComposite component manufacturer Nylacast has introduced a non-slip ‘Getagrip’ crane outrigger mat.

Available as an option on its range of Bigfoot crane outrigger pads, a non-slip coating has been applied to the top surface in order to help prevent users or pedestrians from slipping on the hard cast nylon plastic surface in wet or wintery conditions.

Based in the UK, Nylacast has been producing outrigger pads since 1998. Ranging in sizes from 40mm to 55mm thick and with dimensions from 300mm up to 1,220mm, the company claims that its Bigfoot pads are capable of safely supporting 1.6 times more load, that they permanently deform far less and recover more quickly after loading than an equivalent sized polyethylene (PE) pad and that, unlike wood, they do not soften and rot over time and in wet conditions.