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The Strength in Holloway Houston.

Posted on December 17, 2009

Holloway Houston's 2.1.million lb bed

Last issue, the Exchange focused on some of the largest and most powerful testing machines; however, one leader was missing, Holloway Houston, Inc. (HHI).

Founded in 1960 by Charles M Chapman, Holloway Houston Inc., began modestly as a small distributor of wire rope and fittings.   Today, under the leadership of Moreland Chapman, Charles Chapman’s son, HHI has come to be known as a global leader in the load testing of all types and sizes of slings, fittings, synthetic ropes, oilfield tools and equipment, load measuring devices, specialty products and more.  With over 200 experienced and dedicated employees, HHI has the people, the state of the art equipment and the knowledge to provide the solutions for industry’s most demanding requirements.

Beginning with their first 500 Ton test bed in 1991, HHI continued to expand their capabilities to meet and exceed their customer’s needs with a 400’ long 2.2million lb. bed and several smaller beds for more specialized applications. In 2001 they built their largest machine, a 5000 ton 220’ long bed to prepare for the ever-increasing demands of the oilfield and construction industries they serve. Through the years, testing requirements, methods, and needed documentation have continued to evolve and Holloway Houston has remained a leader in providing customers needs and having the insight to plan for industries future requirements.

4000 Ton “Mor-Power” hydraulic Swaging Machine (Pictured). Standing 16’ tall and weighing nearly 200,000 pounds, this machine gives Holloway Houston the ability to swage wire rope slings up to 6 inches in diameter. Coupled with HHI’s 220’ long, 5000 Ton test bed, HHI can now offer the offshore oil and construction industries, a proof tested, flemished eye sling rated at 250 Tons, and a 9 part swaged sling rated at 1900 Tons using a 5 to 1 design factor.

Believed to be the largest machine of its kind, it was totally engineered and fabricated by Holloway Houston Employees and adds another dimension to making the ever-increasing heavy lifts in today’s world.