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The Unitex Group Announces their New Ultimate Lifting Sling

Posted on February 23, 2010

Unitex USA announces a new range of heavy lift round slings for multiple lifting operations called “ULTRALIFT.”

ULTRALIFT round slings are made of Dyneema fibres.  Dyneema is a super strong polyethylene fibre that offers maximum strength combined with minimum weight.  UNITEX developed the ULTRALIFT round slings in combination with DSM Dyneema.

The ULTRALIFT round slings float, are flexible and durable but also extremely resistant to chemicals, moisture and UV light.  ULTRALIFT round slings are also much lighter than the commonly used steel wire and polyester.  The weight of a ULTRALIFT sling is approximately 55% less in comparison to polyester and about 80% in comparison to steel.  This in combination with a low elongation (0,5%) and its abrasion and cut resistant, makes the ULTRALIFT round sling to an ultimate lifting sling.

The ULTRALIFT round slings will contribute to higher lifting efficiencies, reduction on utilization costs, lower lifting costs, less rigging hours, save on labour costs, less damage to the load, save on medical expenses. “A lifting job has never been this easy”.