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Announcing the new KITO Wireless System

Posted on February 17, 2010

KITO Corporation is constantly upgrading its product lineup and developing new models in order to meet an even more diverse range of customer requirements.

To target expected growth in the market for cranes with wireless control, KITO has launched initial sales of the KITO Wireless System in Japanese market ahead of other countries.

The Kito Wireless Systems has many features which focus on safety, durability, ease of operation and economical maintenance.  The Wireless System is designed to minimize the likelihood of a malfunction.  A textile-reinforced resin case contributes to high drop impact resistance and both the transmitter and receiver meet IP65 standards for resistance to water and dust.

The Kito Wireless System comes in two different models, either the single speed or the dual speed with 6 push buttons.  Customers can also select specialized models with additional push buttons.  For more information, please visit: