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Hoist Maintenance – Not to be Ignored

Posted on January 27, 2010

Harrington Hoists’ business development sales manager, Bret Lussow, has said a lack of maintenance on hoists and crane systems is commonplace, and warned this can cause ‘critical dangers’.
Speaking on industrial broadcast Industry Visions WVSN, Lussow said maintenance failures occur as hoists are usually removed from the floor area or sit in the back of a facility up in the air, where they aren’t seen on a regular basis. This leads to an ‘out of sight and out of mind’ mentality, Lussow said.

“We’re talking about machinery that is used to lift heavy loads overhead, and several of the components in this machinery have a critical life expectancy as a result of starts and run-time,” Lussow said. “Hoists require attention. Everything from contacts to oil must be replaced.”

Lussow added Harrington offers count hour meters that can be used to count the number of starts and run-time of a hoist.

“It takes the guess work out of maintenance and puts safety and maintenance managers at ease knowing the information is documented on a daily basis,” Lussow said.

“In the event of catastrophic failure, OSHA will want to see accurate maintenance reports, and with the count hour meter, that data will already be in place.”

Written by Richard Howes