• BY: American Sling LLC
  • Crosby, 1048837 5T S-322AN Alloy Swivel Eye Hook

    Forged alloy steel, Quenched and Tempered, load-rated

    Proof-tested at 2.5 times Working Load Limit

    Safety factor of 4.5:1

    Careful design and engineering yields tremendous strength-to-weight ratio, no unnecessary bulk

    Low profile hook tip uses the standard S-4320 Latch Kit…latch can be added or replaced even years after a hook purchase

    QUIC-CHECK® markings are incorporated…Deformation Indicators check for stretch in throat opening and Angle Indicators assist users in lifting within tolerance of load angles

    Hook is to be used for positioning and is not intended to rotate under load
  • QTY: 15
  • ZONE: TX
  • PRICE: $50.00
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